Victoria-Riza is an artist and illustrator who specializes in fashion, beauty, and portraiture. Layering watercolor and gouache to create depth and texture, she creates works that showcase beauty diversity. Victoria-Riza is a Filipina / Asian-American who accompanies her works with conversations on diversity, culture, race, and other social issues, especially in regards to art and the fashion industry. She also excitedly shares her creative journey and creative process, hoping to inspire and build up the creative community.

Victoria-Riza is a creative, a mother, a wife to a cultural psychologist, a Latter-day Saint and a woman of color. Born in the Philippines and raised in Tennessee, she currently resides in Central Illinois.

For commission inquiries please email Victoria-Riza: victoriariza.illustration [at] gmail [dot] com

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All photographs taken by Victoria-Riza unless stated otherwise. Branding by  West End Girl Studio. Copyright 2019.