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My Countries' Flags

My Countries' Flags

Victoria-Riza Art + Illustration | Mommy and Me Art for Asian-American Heritage Month | My Countries' Flags

For our final art project for Asian-American Heritage month, we made the flags of our country. Thanks to some race car books he borrowed from the library, Anthem has had an obsession with flags and what they mean. So this was a great project to introduce him to symbols; that shapes and colors can have different meanings. I didn’t go into too many details about the symbols though because it’d be a little much for a four-year-old. Actually, I was saving myself from all the many questions he could possibly ask me like, “What is a colony? Why is there only thirteen? What is a state? Why does red mean courage?” And so on and so on.

But even though I didn’t go over them with Anthem, it was good for me to review the symbols of the American flag and to learn the symbols of the Philippines flag (yeah, I’m just now learning the symbols of the Philippines flag!). So let’s go over those symbols, shall we?

The American Flag

The thirteen stripes represent the thirteen colonies.

The stars represent the fifty states.

Red symbolize hardiness and valor, white purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

The Philippines Flag

The white triangle stands for purity and equality, blue represents peace, truth, and justice and red for patriotism and courage.

The yellow sun with eight rays represents the first eight provinces that rebelled against Spain.

The three yellow stars stand for the three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

All together the symbols honor the early Filipinos how fought the Spanish colonizers.

Anthem had tons of fun fitting the shapes together to make the flags. We may not have discussed the symbols, but we did go over patterns, counting the stars (only on the Philippines flag because my boy can’t quite count to fifty yet…and on that note, don’t count the stars on the American flag…I didn’t make enough room for all fifty!), and naming the shapes used in the flags. Of course, he loooved using the glue and glitter, his favorite part about art projects! But my favorite part of this project was Anthem learning about why we were making the American Flag and the Philippines Flag. By the end of it, he learned that the flags are a symbol of who he is. It sure made my heart happy to hear him say, “I’m Filipino-American!”

Supplies Used for Art Project:

Construction Paper here

Glue Sticks here

Glue Pens here

Fine Grain Glitter here

All About the Philippines, a book on the history of the Philippines here

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