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Make a Rainbow

Make a Rainbow

Did you know that April 3 was National Find a Rainbow Day? Our Spring so far has been nothing but cloudy, chilly, or worst, rainy days! So to have a National Day encouraging us to find a rainbow during the storm was much needed. I’m sure the National Day was more literal, but with all the gloomy days we’ve had (both literally and figuratively) it was good for us to bring some positivity into our home with this fun colorful art project.

Anthem is obsessed with rainbows so he was very much into this activity. He already has the colors of the rainbow memorized, thanks to the rainbow song on Little Baby Bum on Netflix. So with this art project, I wanted to solidify that knowledge as well as to teach him how to organize the semi-circles from big to small. I started off asking him which of the semi-circles (okay I know they look more like semi-ovals!) was the biggest. He would look at the six semi-circles and he picked the red one. Then I asked him what semi-circle was a little bit smaller than the red semi-circle and we continued working that way until, voilà, the rainbow was complete. Just throw on some clouds and then let the kiddo decorate it to his hearts desire. If I was a good mom, like a really good mom, I would’ve busted out the glitter because we all know glitter rainbows are the best. However, even with the Gathre mat at our disposal to help ease the clean up job, I wasn’t up to supervise glitter usage and then clean it up. By the way, Swiller Dry Clothes are a major help in picking up glitter…just fyi.

Anyway, here’s the materials we used:

  • Construction Paper (or as Anthem continues to call it, rainbow paper)

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors (for mom or dad to use…unless your kid is pro with scissors)

  • Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Markers (aren’t they adorable?!?!)

Hope you enjoy this project and that it brighten your not-so-Spring Spring days!

I panicked a bit when he got some marker on the mat, but these washable markers really do wash off! Thank goodness!

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