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Mother's Day Flowers Printable

Mother's Day Flowers Printable

With Mother’s Day soon approaching, I created this fun activity and printable so you and your little one can create a bouquet of flowers (or for our cacti loving moms out there. . .a bouquet of cacti) for that awesome mom in your life. Depending on the age of your little one, it may be a little more of a hands on project for parents. Also, dads get in on this art project! No one wants to make their own bouquet, do they now?

Anthem is really into tape right now. He was thrilled to get this package of washi tape (or as he calls it, rainbow tape) in the mail. Anthem is always stealing my collection of washi tape from my studio so this project was a win since he finally has his own (not that I won’t be borrowing some now and again). He loved learning to wrap the tape on the wooden dowels and to tape the flowers onto the dowels. I’ll admit, I had to fight my urge to not be a perfectionist about his work (I have to fight it with every art project we do. . .ugh being a creative parent), but I will give one advice: use a stronger adhesive like masking tape or hot glue to hold the flowers and petals onto the dowels. I couldn’t bear to tell my boy not to use the washi tape since he was so excited to use it so we’ll see how they hold up in the mailers on their way to Grandma’s and Lola’s.

Here’s the list of supplies we used:

Craft Wooden Dowels from Amazon

Washi Tape from Amazon

Watercolor paint (you can use any coloring tool).

Printable printed on a matte Cardstock

Scroll to the bottom for the printable links. I hope you enjoy this project and Happy Mother’s Day my friends!

Victoria-Riza Fashion Artist and Illustrator | Mother's Day Flower Printable

Download Mother’s Day Flowers Printable here

Download Mother’s Day Cactus Printable here

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