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Happy Earth Day Printable

Happy Earth Day Printable

Earth Day was a favorite of mine when I was in elementary school. Mostly because the major memory I have of it was submitting a drawing and an essay for my school’s contest and winning first place. My drawing was of a park with litter (I can see the drawing so clearly in my mind. . .wish I still had it) everywhere. I’m sure my two sentence essay was something about how I would do better about picking up litter when I see it. I honestly don’t remember, but I’m assuming that’s what it was about because I have this built up of guilt when I see litter, as if my first grade self is reminding present day me what I had promised all those years ago. Pretty sure that’s the reason.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 on April 22. There are now 193 countries who participate in this annual event. We began our Earth Day festivities by introducing Anthem to this planet we call home. One of Anthem’s favorite books is Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. It an endearing book about planet Earth and all who live on it. In the end, Jeffers encourages you to be kind to all who live on Earth, both people and animals. Another favorite is In the Forest, a pop up book by Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud, and Sophie Strady. We discovered this book in a printmaking studio slash bookstore in Johannesburg, South Africa. . .a lucky find indeed! It’s about a sloth in the rain forest who sleeps through the destruction of his forest home which is then reborn by a man who decides to fix the damage.

Using both books as a teaching tool in this art project, I discussed with Anthem what parts of Earth are land and what parts are water. At one point he was getting tired of painting so much water that he asked, “Why is there so much water?” I responded, “Well buddy, the Earth is seventy-five percent water. That’s how it was made.” He reacted (not that he understood what that meant), “What, that’s crazy!” We then talked about where the people, plants, and animals lived. He was determined to paint Australia blue and I exclaimed that all the kangaroos and koalas where drowning in the ocean! So you’ll see below that he repainted Australia brown and green to “make it land again.” It was a fun project naming off plant and animals and where they lived and teaching my boy why we take care of our planet Earth. Now whenever he sees litter, he always points it out, “Mommy, there’s trash on the ground!” As if I need another voice telling me to be more vigilant about picking up trash!

Our art project turned into a fun astronaut adventure. Little boy decided to fix the paper from where we cut the Earth out, making them our Astronaut helmets. I hope you enjoy this printable and that you enjoy where this project takes you and your little one! Scroll to the bottom for the links to three different views of the Earth. Happy Earth Day friends!

EARTH DAY-1283.jpg
EARTH DAY-2298.jpg

Download the Earth Printable (Africa to Australia) here.

Download the Earth Printable (Asia to Australia) here.

Download the Earth Printable (North America to Africa) here

In the Forest
By Sophie Strady Anouck Boisrobert Louis Rigaud

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