Erdem Resort 2017


I was in such awe when I first saw Erdem's collection. The patterns and the shapes of each piece are mesmerizing. The resort collection is very reminiscent of modern fairytale-ware, or in better terms, Victoriana inspired. Although Erdem's gowns give off European style vibes, he was actually inspired by young Japanese girls clad in 30's attire. You definitely see that influence in the patterns. The shapes of each pieces shows a perfect blending of Eastern and Western styles. A beautiful fusion! 

My favorite dress just happens to prove how marvelously Erdem Moralioglu executed the mash up of Eastern and Western styles. The two gowns are adorned with a pattern of stripes and white embroidered flowers. This combination of flora and geometrics aren't new thing in the fashion world. Japan is commonly known for such themes as old vs. new, modern vs. tradition, or nature vs. man. So this pattern, to me, symbolizes the very culture of Japan, who so perfectly, in it's very small country, marries the organic and the geometric, the nature with the city. It's brilliant, it's beautiful, and I'm probably reading much more into it than Erdem himself probably did, but that's the designer and xenophile (thanks to my cultural psychologist husband) in me. Anyway, check out the collection here! Peace.