Fendi Legends


Say hello to a new kind of fairy tale! The fashion house, Fendi, celebrated it's 90th birthday and it was an occasion to go all out. Karl Lagerfeld inspiration came from the 1914 book of fairy tales, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, illustrated by Kay Neilson. Enchanted the the Danish artist's work, several of the illustrations actually influenced the designs of some of the pieces. I love that Lagerfeld was inspired by an illustrator from the Gold Age of Illustration. I was immediately drawn (no pun intended) by the collection because of the amazing imagery. So it seemed fit to illustrate this collection. It was fun to combine my angular figure with loose drawings of flowers and trees. 

It's a magnificent show, with 46 made-for-a-princess gowns and a glass runway over the Trevi Fountain. It's big and it's beautiful so go see it here.