Atelier Versace


Atelier Versace is doing amazing things with color and fabric. Donatella Versace decided to step back from the traditional boisterous Versace look, focusing more on draping than embellishments. She used a beautiful palette for the collection, a touch of bold dressed in soft colors like mint and blush pink. I love the contrast! I am particularly digging all the lilac, blush pink, and mint. Those are my colors! Seriously I bleed blush, mint, and lilac. That phrase is commonly used in reference to sports team, but let's start making it an art thing. Who's with me?!

Last, but not least, let's give a shout out those the accessories! Uh, where can I get me a pair of those heals? One in blush pink please! And are hoop earrings coming back? That was my thing when I was in middle school and haven't had a pair on my ear since then. So if this is for reals a must have for ears again, count me in! 

Ok, now go check out the collection here. It's pretty great!