Valentino Resort 2017


As I study fashion, following each show, I come to see which designers fit my aesthetic. And Valentino is that designer (amongst a handful of other aesthetic favs). Full name Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, Valentino is an Italian designer who has many labels under his name. He works wonders with fabric, making dresses that seem so ethereal (have you seen his Fall 2016 line?). If I were to wear anything that would make me feel like a princess, it would be Valentino. And in that, I always look forward to his shows. 

Valentino's Resort line was a fun surprise for me. I am accustom to his skillful use of patterns, which are normally subtle. However, in this line your eyes are excited by vibrant colors, bold patterns, and an array of textures. It's fun. It's different. And it's still Valentino. Red is a signature color for the fashion house and sure enough there are a good number of dresses in this collection that pay homage to that key characteristic of Maison Valentino. 

One of my favorite looks from the collection is this dress. I was drawn to this dress because of the loose-hand-illustrated look of the pattern. It's a motif you'll find in other pieces. The looseness and spontaneity of the pattern made it so fun to illustrate! I'll for sure attempt (and I say attempt because Valentino's patterns can be so complex) to illustrate other  pieces of the Resort collection.