More Delpozo


I'm warning you right now, every post you see here on out will be all about Delpozo. Seriously, I'm obsessed! I won't ramble on again about why I love what Josep Font is doing for the fashion house. But if you're just as addicted and need a review of my love for his work, you can see the previous post here

I will take a moment, however, to share my favorite new find! I arrived in Johannesburg in May and it's taken me a month to find an art supply store. If you're ever here for a good period of time and are in need of supplies, head on over to Herbert Evans in The Zone shopping center at Rosebank (it neighbors the Rosebank Mall). As always, I could spend hours in an art store and if I could, I would buy everything! I needed some new pencils (if you've seen my previous post, you'd see I was illustrating with a stub!) and happen to come across these babies, Derwent Pastel Pencils. I love using colored pencils to mark the placements of colorful patterns. They're also fun because they bleed when you paint on top of them. So colored pencils are a very important layering tool in my work. I also use them in the end, to add finishing touches to my pieces. In this illustration, I completed it by circling in cheeks, flowers, or added some scribbled textures just for some pop! These pastel pencils work wonders, just as vibrant on top of paint as is on just plain paper. 

Ok, enough with the talking. Now go explore and enjoy the colors and textures of this illustration. I love this piece so much I'll probably never stop sharing it!