Radio Killers


I like to tell myself I remember the good ole days when MTV was all about the music. But my MTV was graced by N*SYNC and Britney Spears, so that probably doesn't qualify as the 'good ole days' of MTV. Plus, if I'm being honest with myself, there's no way I qualify to know the goodness of MTV! When I was in third grade, I would love it when any one of Britney's music vids would show up ("You Drive Me Crazy" was my jam!), and I would be so annoyed when any one of those videos of the "old dudes trying to make it" would come on . . . And those "old dudes" I was referring to, I later learned, was U2! I've grown up and wised up since. Oh, but I'm mortified of the memory! But that's what I think of when I reminisce of my MTV days; loving N*SYNC and Britney and hating on that old geezer Bono. 

I may not have know the true essence of MTV, but these runway looks seem to. The color palette, the make up, big frizzed hair, paired with the oversized sweaters graced with the iconic MTV logo is epitome of the 80s. You can see Marc Jacobs' Resort collection here. Now I'm off to buy one of his MTV sweaters! Peace.