Asymmetrical Coats


It's resort time! Have you seen the shows? What's your favorite collection? Mine? Well, Christian Dior because of these coats, these beautiful asymmetrical coats! I'm a big fan of asymmetry so much so that when I make a sandwich, I cut it in "half" asymmetrically. Yes, even with my food, I implement the rule of thirds. Halvies is a no go! 

Dior was so creative in the use of asymmetry. Parts of the coats was enlarged to accentuate the asymmetry. I love the one sided storm flap on the blue coat. It's oversized with a size appropriate button to top it off! Another favorite element of this coat is that black trimming that creates this magnificent line! And that's another thing I love, line. And this is how much I love it! Then on the khaki coat, there's the beautifully sculpted lapel, coming over more than half way across the chest. It is, of course, adorned with a large button. The final detail, and perhaps my most favorite, is the ginormous pocket. Pockets make any article of clothing more complete. For me, sometimes they can make or break my decision to purchase a garment! They are that important! Functional or not, pockets just look good on anything. So, in this case, why not have a giant one! And just one! It's way oversized, it's sticking to the asymmetrical theme, and so you have an amazing coat! 

I enjoyed illustrating these pieces. If you're a faithful follower of my ramblings, you've probably read how I haven't wanted to paint my illustrations. I feel like sometimes, I loose a lot of the beautiful penciled details when I paint. However, I enjoy the use of watercolor in my work. So this poses a dilemma. With this illustration, I decided to experiment. I always leave my pencil sketch when I paint. I love seeing how an illustration builds up into the finished piece. So I had to figure out a balance between the pencil and the paint. 

When I finished this piece, I was so happy I was able to keep my illustration from being overworked. And that's the goal right there; to keep the pure essence of your style without overworking the piece. So I greet you all a very happy Friday, cause I'm feeling happy and so should you!

Victoria-Riza | Fashion Illustrator | Christian Dior Resort 2017