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Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten

From the first runway show of the Fall 2016 RTW season, I saw an emerging trend; leopard print and emerald. I called it! Show after show featured leopard print and emerald in every way possible. Dries Van Noten didn't fail in keeping up with the coming season's new trend. However, he had a great use and meaning behind the use of leopard print and the moody, yet elegant, green. You can read the review of his show and see the line here.

It's so interesting to learn about the thought that goes behind a fashion show. Research is such an important part of creation. You see Van Noten execute this art process so well. Fashion, like painting or illustrating, is truly an art form and learning that has changed my perspective. It may sound cliche, but fashion is art. The more I learn about a designer's process, the more I fall in love with fashion as an art medium. 

Okay, so enough of deep art thoughts.

The three things I loved about Dries Van Noten's Fall line are:

1. Leopard Print (duh)

2. Emerald Fur (duh duh)

3. and Those Eyes!!!

Now, some thoughts on my illustration. I find more and more that I much prefer my pieces in the pencil drawing stage. Like, I very much prefer my illustrations when they're just in pencil! I look at the photos above and I think my illustration was breath taking and then I look at the finished pieces and I'm like, "eh, it's okay." I don't know what it is, but I rarely get excited about a painted illustration.

Okay, okay, I lie. I know what the problem is. When I draw in pencil, I have more control. When I make a mark, I can easily erase it and perfect it. With paint and ink, mistakes are unforgivable. Sorry, no Command Z! That's what I get for working in traditional mediums. I need to stop being such a perfectionist. Also, I got some trust issues with my hand. I freak out when I'm getting ready to touch that ink soaked brush to my paper. I can make a line so perfectly in pencil, but once ink comes into the picture, I just can't repeat that line! So i guess that means I got more practicing to do. 

Happy Thursday!

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