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One element that repeated throughout fashion month was leopard spots; a perfect print for fall. Leopard spots seem to always be around or continuously make a come back. However, these spots are different in that they're not your typical black on tan. Collections like Christian Dior, No. 21, Emanuel Ungaro, and Mugler strutted spots but presented them in vibrant colors or mixed with other prints. 

I loved this piece by Christian Dior because of the colors; the softness of the lilac purple punched with vibrant orange makes for a fun color combo. Then the look is shrouded in black, styling leopard spots in an atypical manner. 

When I started illustrating this piece, I didn't plan on coloring in the black coat. Initially, it was just going to be the print with black outlines of the face and coat. However, it looked unfinished and I felt like I should add more elements to create an asymmetrical look. That's when I found an old charcoal pencil from my figure drawing class days and I just started marking away. I hadn't used the stuff in five years! It wasn't planned and I didn't expect to enjoy the results, but I think I'm going to implement more charcoal in my illustrations. As exciting as that may sound, I now have to figure out how to keep my pieces from smudging. Great.

Spring Time in Chanel

Spring Time in Chanel