Victoria-Riza Fashion Artist Printmaker and Illustrator | Photo by Penny Fuimaono


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I'll admit, I don't usually follow other fashion shows aside from the widely known New York, Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Week. However, I felt like broadening my horizons was a must.  So I perused through the Kiev Fall show and found this lovely show of soft textiles and pastel colors. Meet Anna October.

My favorite element in her collection are the ruffles that she implements in each garment. Anna creates ruffles by layering clothe or by making an actual strip of ruffles like in the sweater below. But I have to say, the best ruffles are the ones on the shoes. Go check out more of her show and fall in love with the colors, the mix of fabrics, and uh, hello quilted coats!!! 

Anna October | Kiev Fall 2016
Anna October | Kiev Fall 2016
Anna October | Kiev Fall 2016

Delpozo Fall 2016

M Missoni Fall 2016