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The Bob and the Sweater


I'm embarrassed to say that it took me a whole semester to finish one print. Yup, only one, but that's what happens when you got a kid and a husband who's working on his Ph.D. I'm very lucky I get to print at all with how hectic my life is. 

During the past two semesters of taking printmaking, I have focused on trying other printing techniques like serigraphy. However, this semester the printmaking class finally got a rosin box. It only took a whole semester to get shipped to Weber State and to get it put it together. When I heard that rosin box was coming, I was beyond excited because that would mean I'd being doing intaglio again. It's been four years since I etched!

So in my efforts to merge printmaking and fashion illustration, I decided to do a series of intaglio prints, each with a figure featuring a hair style and an article of clothing. I wanted to work mainly in values that were either flat or have very little variation. I am a little rusty, especially on the water bite technique. I used water bite to create a gradual value of dark to light for the background. You can see that it's there, but I would've preferred it to be more pronounced.  

Aside from perfecting the etching techniques, I had to relearn how to wipe the plate. I thought it was going to be like riding a bike again after a long time, but it wasn't.  I made the mistake of asking my husband why this might be the case...he said something about vestibular sensation being a different neural process from motor coordination in relation to pressure senses, though both sensation and motor coordination are always at play, but then he said that he was just describing the neuropsychology of the question, not providing an explanation...  

Anyway, enough of neuropsych (thanks to my husband for nothing). It took me an hour (A FREAKING HOUR!!!!) to wipe my plate for the first print. An hour (insert deadpan emoji)! I'll admit, I was overthinking it, but I attribute the arduousness of the wiping to the fact that I haven't printed in so long. Anyway, after a labor-intensive night, three out of the ten prints turned out pretty decent. In fact, two of them are currently being framed for display at two different shows upcoming in January. Yay!

Etching Techniques used in this print:

Hard Ground


Water Bite

Dry Point

Margot Tenenbaum

Margot Tenenbaum

Gucci Beauty

Gucci Beauty