Gucci Beauty


I've been into illustrating portraits and experimenting with mix media lately. I was in need of change in my creative process and I feel like I'm finding my thing. In the rare moments that I sketch (I have terrible sketching habits), I always love my sketch and when it comes time to create the finished piece, I come out of it only liking the illustration. Just liking, not loving. But then again, I am my worst critic. 

Doing these portraits and working with different mediums has been a good challenge because there have been so many learning opportunities in the process. Six months ago when I was in Johannesburg, I was doing my same ole watercolor and ink runway illustrations and feeling good about what I was doing. When I came back to the States, I fell into his awful rut and I blamed it on the fact that we were moving. Now I can see that the rut feeling was basically telling me that I was in need of change. So I explored and now I'm excited about the work I'm doing!

So on that note, can we freak out about how cool this lady's face is? I'm mighty proud of how I executed her eyes and lips even though it took be a long week to finish this piece because I was so intimidated by them. Seriously, congratulations are in order. Yeah, I'm telling you to congratulate me. Okay.