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I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey, motherhood and the discussion I have with my cultural psychologist husband. Read more here!

Fashion + Math


I like to joke that the reason I chose to be an artist was because I absolutely hated math. I detested the statement my high school teachers would make that this would be used throughout your life. I'm not the only artist who feels like that, I'm sure. Take designer, Anya Hindmarch's word, "I'm horrible at math, but as an art form, that's what I care about."

Wait, what did she say? I have to agree with Anya. I have come to love the art element of shapes and have become fascinated with how geometry pairs so well with art. I would now like to apologize to my high school teachers by saying, you were right. 

So if you're a lover or hater of math, you need to check out Anya's Spring collection. Everything from the circular elements on the clothes and accessories, to the structure of the sleeves all sing the praises of geometry. The very runway is a circular pattern, creating eye-catching perspective. Go here to see the show and fall in love with art and math. Oh, and of course, fall in love with fashion. Anya Hindmarch, you're a new fav of mine!

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