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The Elements: Line

Elements of Design | Line

If you know me, you would know that I'm quite obsessed with the elements and principles of design. I see design everywhere and I constantly nerd out about it. My poor husband! 

When I was a sophomore in college (hollar at my alma mater BYU-Idaho!!!). I took a class called Design and Color (hollar at my professor Lana Grover!!!!). That class changed my life! I was hooked on the elements and principles of design. So now, when I see Utah's mountain range, I see why it's beautiful. Because of shape, line, and color. My brain looks at a space, work of art,  or even nature and I deconstruct what I'm looking at to see why it's working. Why people like it. 

So here I am, in a space where I can nerd out about my loves, design and color. Enjoy this new segment on my blog!


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