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Valentine Look No. 2

Victoria-Riza | Fashion Illustrator | Valentine's Look No. 2 | Marco de Vincenzo Spring 2016

My number two Valentine look is from Marco de Vencenzo's Spring 2016 line. It's oh so very romantic, isn't it? Well that fuchsia pink definitely seems fitting for such an occasion, but there's so much more to this piece that makes it worthy of the lover's holiday. There's the saying that opposites attract. Well check this out. I love that there's so much opposites going on in this one piece. The organic of the lace paired with the geometric of the mesh collared top is such an unexpected, but beautiful combination. The collared top reminds one of a uniform or men's wear, but then it's meshed into the lacy sweetheart bodice. And then Marco finishes the whole ensemble with a touch of neon green in the heels. Pink and green are big time complimentary colors! So if you're wanting to wear something that not only looks romantic, but symbolizes how you and your love are very much opposites who attract, this is the look for you. 

Marco de Vincenzo Spring 2016
Armani Couture Spring 2016

Armani Couture Spring 2016

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