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I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey as well as invite conversations on culture and social issues through my art. Join me on my art adventures! Read more here!


Victoria-Riza | Fashion Illustrator

Hello friends! So 2016 is here and many things are happening with this here business! I am slowing building a following and since I got some new friends on board I thought I'd introduce myself!

Victoria-Riza | Fashion Illustrator

Why Victoria-Riza?

Well that's my first name. Well technically and legally it's my first name and second name (yeah second name...not middle name...I got one of those too) becoming best friends via hyphen. I've always been called Victoria, but when my time at college was coming to an end, my dearest friend told me that I should start using my full first name as my artist alias. Thus, Victoria-Riza began!

Why fashion illustration?

 I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. So I have always known that I wanted to be an artist, but I didn't know what kind of art I wanted to get into. I grew to love fashion when I was in high school (you guys I was nominated best dressed my senior year), but sewing scared me. I started college dead set on being a graphic designer cause I was told that graphic design was the only was to make a living with an art degree. So I stopped illustrating. I ditched my love for fashion. In my third semester at BYU-Idaho, I took Color and Design from a way cool lady (she lit the flame), Lana Grover. We were assigned to collect textures by laying paper on top of a leaf or tree bark and scribbling away with a crayon. Yeah, very basic kindergarten stuff. I thought it was stupid. Little did I know that assignment would change my life! Lana looked at my scribbles and said, "You have a great eye for texture. Have you ever thought about going into fashion?" Mind blown! Lady didn't know me! Those scribbles must have said a lot more, cause she saw my potential. Next thing I know I'm doing research on all sorts of fashion careers. I even took clothing construction class to try my hand at sewing. It didn't float my boat. But then, I landed upon fashion illustration and I haven't looked back!

now to the basic and fun facts

  • I love everything about design and color! I mean that class change my life soooo...I owe everything to the elements and principles of design. I'm obsessed and often nerd out about it to my husband. That's how I live life and I can't help but see how art is everywhere. And that's why I'm doing this blog! This my space to release my obsession. I hope you're ready for this!
  • I'm a big big anglophile. Even though I was born in the Philippines and raised by Filipino parents, my heart is stamped with the English flag and signed by the Queen herself. I refer to England as my motherland. I love that my last name is Hyde, not only because I had the biggest crush on Stephen Hyde from That 70's Show, but my name is sooooo English. Even my husband who is of English, Walsh, and Irish descent thinks I'm nuts. Could I be anymore whitewashed?!?!?!
  • If I weren't an artist, I would either be an actress, a concert pianist, or a pastry chef. I love movies, television, music and food. I'll probably nerd out about this stuff on here as well. 
  • I could watch Amelie, Pride & Prejudice (2005), and Midnight in Paris all day every day! 
  • I'm a shy person in that I could really care less about talking about myself. I truly hate it which is bad for the career I'm getting into. Neil Helm, a Pixar animator, reviewed my portfolio told me that I suck at talking about myself. He loved my work, but I need to work on selling myself. So doing this blog and social media thing is so uncomfortable for me, but it's got to be done. 
  • Green Day's Warning is my go-to album when I'm don't have any particular music in mind.
  • I love baking. That's why in my next life I'm going to be a pastry chef. 
  • I'm a printmaker. Fashion illustration has to be done quickly cause fashion is one crazy fast paced industry. Printmaking is the very opposite. It's the most tedious and time consuming process ever! However, I'm determine to make fashion and printmaking co-exist. They are my loves so it's gotta work, right?
  • Being a printmaker just so happens to make me a paper hoarder. I love paper and I have quite collection!
  • My big celeb crushes right now are Kiera Knightly and Michael Fassbender.
  • My tea time essentials are red (rooibos) cappuccino and Tennis biscuits. 
  • I have made a note (as in, a note in my Notes app) of my dream NBA team. Lebron James, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffin are just a few on this list. 

Well that's it. That's me. I'm so excited for this year and excited to share my work with you! I have so much in store so I hope you stick around! 



PS - please tell me you get what the XOXO references to. Anybody? Winner takes all!



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