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I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey as well as invite conversations on culture and social issues through my art. Join me on my art adventures! Read more here!

Hello friends! Sorry for my absence! The husband, babe, and I have recently relocated to northern Utah. Yes, Ogden. Good ole Ogden, Utah. Before the move, everyone in Utah county would give us such sad eyes when we'd tell them we were moving to Ogden. And those sad eyes weren't because we were moving. Well, it was 80/20. Twenty percent of the sad eyes was because we were leaving and eighty of it was because we were moving to "ghetto" Ogden. It was the "we feel sorry for you" kind of sad eyes. We've been here a month and Ogden is great! So, take that Utah County! 

So with the first day of Autumn yesterday, today's piece celebrates the festive color palette of Fall! And I'm getting back on with the illustrations made of scrap paper! Hoorah! Also, I'm moving on from lipsticks to nail polish bottles! Okay, I'm not really dropping the lipstick obsession, but I'm trying something new! So here's to nail polish and in Autumn colors! 


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