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Orange Turban & Fountain Pen

Fashion Illustration by Victoria-Riza

It's raining where I am. I have a hot cup for rooibos tea and the windows are open, bringing the coolness into my apartment. It's a good day for illustrating. At least, this is my ideal work setting.

I found this lovely lady on Pinterest and I was digging those giant pockets on her crop blouse. Oh and can we freak out about these colors? Orange isn't a color I ever dream of wearing, but now I want an orange turban! I just love this whole ensemble; those pants, the top, glasses and turban! I want to wear it now!

Also, I introduced a new inking utensil to my repertoire. Years ago, my cousin got me this  blown glass handled fountain pen from Milan. I remember thinking, "Thanks, but what am I going to do with this?" Well sixteen year old self, find yourself corrected! I love it! Check out my rad signature! I can't believe I've been signing my illustrations with a watercolor brush this whole time! Fountain pen, you are my hand's new best friend! You shall now be a permanent tool in my already overflowing tool box.

Well my dears, I hope you're enjoying what you're doing and that you find serenity on this day! Happy Monday!


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