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I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey as well as invite conversations on culture and social issues through my art. Join me on my art adventures! Read more here!

Chanel and Tiny Scraps


I started my morning watching the Chanel Cruise 2015-2016 fashion show, which was held in Seoul. It was the best eleven minutes of any morning I've ever spent! I was mesmerized by many pieces, and as I watched each model walk, my brain was already working out plans for how I would illustrate each piece. 

That's the fun part about what I do. When I see something that inspires me, I automatically start deconstructing the makeup of the garment.  I then imagine reconstructing it in ink, paint and paper. The art process is problem solving!

Speaking of problem solving, I had a bit of a difficult time illustrating this lady's wig. I keep having second thoughts on whether I should fix the little annoyances and then publish it. But I like being real with you people. Sometimes things don't run as smoothly as you'd like them to. I believe what messed up the inking of her wig was my contacts drying out! Blast those contacts! I felt my them starting to irritate me, but I rubbed my eyes and went on to inking. Another lesson learned: for crying out loud, just get the eye drops and then continue working! Why must I feel like I have to rush to finish a piece? 

I want so bad to fix her now, but I think this little lady and I need a break. I'll hide her away and maybe in a day or two we'll meet again and I'll look at her with fresh eyes (no pun intended). But for now, here she is. Enjoy.


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