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Burberry 2012

Burberry Spring 2012 illustrated by Victoria-Riza

I have a lot of runway illustrations that have been abandoned. There will be days when I get on a roll and crank out drawings after drawings. But then I leave them to collect dust, never knowing when I'll grace them with watercolor and ink. So today, I'm revisiting some pieces I did of the Burberry 2012 RTW line. I just finished the lady wearing the navy peplum top and green skirt (poor girl was just a pencil drawing for two years). 

As I was painting this lady. I was reminded of how much I love doing runway illustrations. I've been busy with perfume bottles, doing my signature lips, and experimenting with cut paper, that I forgot how fun it is to watch fashion shows and draw my favorite ensembles. So I will be doing more runway illustrations soon! I'm sure I have a stack of drawings that need painting! 


Happy National Lipstick Day

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