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For Her

Narciso Rodriguez For Her illustrated by Victoria-Riza

If you've been keeping up with this project, you would know that I sat on it for a few weeks all because I was too scared to mess the thing up. Then last week happened and I was feeling all sorts of doubts and uncertainty about what I was doing. This isn't a new thing. I'm pretty much on this roller coaster called "artist starting a small business" which goes like so; confidence in my work and then falling down on questioning everything I'm doing so I hate everyone and everything (pretty dramatic huh?). 

Well, with the slump I was having, I happened to remember a little book that I had collecting dust in my studio, Art and Fear, Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking. I read this book my senior year at BYU-Idaho. I loved it then and I love it more even now. Every creative person should be reading this! So, after reading a few pages of this magnificent book, I got a good boost of confidence. I went back to work and tackled this little pink illustration and wouldn't you know it, it worked out! Confidence, it really works! So with the completion of the Narciso Rodriguez perfume bottle illustration, here are some filling words from David Bayles and Ted Orland that helped me get out of my funk. 

Whatever they have is something needed to do their work - it wouldn't help you in your work even if you had it. Their magic is theirs. You don't lack it. You don't need it. It has nothing to do with you. Period.

The lessons you are meant to learn are in your work.

But for most art there is no client,and in making it you lay bare a truth you perhaps never anticipated: that by your very contact with what you love, you have exposed yourself to the world.

. . . the far great danger is not that the artist will fail to learn anything from the past, but will fail to teach anything new to the future.

. . . the real question about acceptance is not whether your work will be viewed as art,  but whether it will be viewed as your art. 


Happy Monday my friends! I hope you stay positive and inspired. It's okay to be scared and to mess up. Just know that what you are doing does matters. So keep on.


Burberry 2012

Art and Fear