Victoria-Riza Fashion Artist Printmaker and Illustrator | Photo by Penny Fuimaono


I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey, motherhood, and the discussions I have with my cultural psychologist husband. Read more here!

Pink Lips

Pink Lips Illustrated by Victoria-Riza

Would you think I was ridiculous if I told you I kept the tinniest of scraps? That I was taking my repurposing paper a little to far? Well, but now that shouldn't surprise you. Here's my latest scrap illustration, lips. I would say this lip illustration is my signature. I remember when I drew this style of lips for the first time. Like many of my illustrations, I try to draw the subject by picking my pen up as few times as possible. Test after test, after test, I found a way to draw lips with one fluid line. Now, it's my thing. So just a little warning, you'll be seeing more and more lips.


Chanel and Tiny Scraps

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