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Art and Fear

Narciso Rodriguez For Her illustrated by Victoria-Riza

Lately, I've been into making work that's quick. Sketch it, be spontaneous and go for it! Well, this piece ended up not being that. I ended up in a rut after putting all the pink pieces together and I thought, "Hm, that's all that I planned to do, but it doesn't look complete." 

Do you ever finish a sketch thinking it's complete, but then it's execution time and it just isn't right? Has that happen to you or is it just me? 

This little ordeal took a few weeks. First, I took photos and texted it to my art posy to get their feedback. The feedback was good, but I just wasn't feeling it. I couldn't quite figure out what needed to be done. I did know one thing that needed to be done. I need a bigger round brush. So it was on to and a week later, I got my pretty, brand new brush! Now for more practicing. 

After a few practice rounds, I figured out what the problem was. I was scared! Fear and doubt can do a number on your art making. The struggle is real my friends! It's been a while since I've completely and in comprehensively screwed up! I have made little mistakes, but they really eat at me! I beat myself up when my hand decides to wobble and I disastrously mess up a beautiful line work.  So, you see, I've just basically been making excuses to procrastinate the inevitable, my illustration ending up in the trash. Jokes. I need to have more faith in my skills. So it's back to the studio to finally finish this thing! And with that I'll leave you with some words of wisdom:


Your materials are, in fact, one of the few elements of artmaking you can reasonably hope to control. As for everything else - well, conditions are never perfect sufficient knowledge rarely at hand, key evidence always missing, and support notoriously fickle. All that you do will inevitably be flavored with uncertainty - uncertainty about what you have to say, about whether the materials are right, about whether the piece should be long or short, indeed about whether you'll ever be satisfied with anything you make.

Art & Fear



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