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I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey, motherhood, and the discussions I have with my cultural psychologist husband. Read more here!

Working from Scraps

Working from Scraps

As an artist, I find myself buried in a lot of stuff. Art supplies are strewn about my office.  I've alway myself that I'll use every bit of glitter, every scrap of paper, and every drop of paint. I gress you can say I'm a bit of a hoarder, but that's just how I was raised and educated.

At the printmaking lab at BYU-Idaho there was a box, no a tub, designated for scrap paper. I now have a wire basket just for my scraps. And I'm using scrape in the broader sense. I got lots of scrapes of everything! This scrape basket has been growing since I left my alma mater. So today I told myself I was going to make a change. I was going to use my scrapes! No more empty hopes for this little pieces of paper. It's time to recycle and make art! 

As I am saying this, I'm getting a flash back to my Barney days. I have no idea how I remember this, but it's coming at a good time. You know how Barney (and I'm referring to 1990s Barney cause I don't know if he still does this) has a magic bag of stuff. There will only be a few items in the bag and the kids are suppose to make or do something with very few. So I'm relating this Barney activity to my art making. Yes, I just went there. Who knew I would still be learning from that friendly purple dinosaur! 

So here's my first project with my scrapes! I enjoyed doing this because lately I feel like I've been thinking too much about each piece I make. So this project helped me to loosen up and be spontaneous with my art making. Hello loosey goosey line work!!! 


Lipstick from Scraps

Vivetta: Polka Dots