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Make Up Print

Victoria-Riza Fashion Illustration | Make Up | Screen Print

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Ah, it's a moment I've been waiting for. This print is finally finished! I've worked on it for three weeks. Not bad, but when you're out of printmaking practice, you forget how long and tedious this whole process is. So my patience was tried. But here we are. Finished at last! I will admit I was a little hard on myself. If you know me, you know that I'm such a perfectionist. It's bad, but I blame it on printmaking. When you have to produce multiple prints and they each have to look identical, you kind of have to be a perfectionist. It's a printmaker's curse. The love and hate of it all. 

So yeah, I'm a tough critique. I inspected every mark made. Called myself an idiot many times when I realized I overlooked minor, but very significant details. I may have cursed a few...okay quite a lot...under my breath with each print pulled. I've started doing this thing where I talk to myself in third person when I make a complete fool of myself or make an utterly disastrous mistake. I do it to ingrain within myself to never ever make that stupid mistake ever again. I don't think it's working though. 

Victoria-Riza Fashion Illustrator | Make Up |Screen Print
Victoria-Riza Fahsion Illustrator | Make Up | Screen Print
Victoria-Riza Fashion Illustrator | Make Up | Screen Print

Well here she is. She's beautiful. Kinda. Okay, no for real, imperfections and all she's a beauty. But I'm the only one who sees those, right? So maybe they don't matter or exist. Whatever, I have to tell myself to get some decent sleep at night, am I right?!

Oh, and this lovely print is available in the shop. Right here!