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It's New Year's Eve

Victoria-Riza Fashion Illustrator | New Year's Eve

So it's the last day of 2015. I'll join in with the rest of the world in saying, "Holy cow, this year went by so fast!" There are hundreds of variation of that saying, but we're all having the feels about 2015. Sad. Excited. Discouraged. Encouraged. 

If you are having feelings about the past year, I would want you to feel hopeful. I feel like people usually feel a lot of regret at the end of the year. Regret that they didn't do all they set out to do. Failed resolutions. Well, here's to the new year. Here's to doing better. One step at a time. I'm looking forward to 2016. I've been making goals since the December started. I say that's an up one for me cause I usually, like most people, don't start making resolutions until last minute. I'm not one to make resolutions. I have never done it in the past because I knew I would fail. This year is different. I feel enlightened. I see my path and I'm excited about my journey. So I hope you do too.

And with that, here is an illustration of some fancy ladies all dressed for New Year's partying. 

Thank you for being here. For following me and my art adventures this year. I hope you'll stick around, cause like I said, I've made goals and I'm pretty excited about the coming year! Happy New Year's to you and I wish you all the best in 2016!


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