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Painting on the Bed Sheets


I'm back from my three week vacay in Tennessee and even though I cried when I said good-bye to my family, I'm so glad to be back home. Traveling is exhausting, but visiting tons of family and friends is even more exhausting! Oh wait, and what's even more more exhausting is traveling alone with a baby! I didn't realize how exhausted I was until the next day I had felt a tension headache coming on. That tension headache then brought along his friend lady nausea! My sweet husband let me sleep all afternoon all through the night. He took care of our baby, made dinner, fed me dinner, gave me a massage and well, did anything he could to bring me comfort. Well fourteen hours later, I awoke rejuvenated and with mascara smeared all over my side of the bed. Usually, this would be a good reason to become annoyed, but saw potential in two little marks.

So, I grabbed my paint palette and brush and painted away. Yes, I painted on my bed sheets. I did get my husbands encouraging approval, of course. Well, here's the pretty lady, waking from her slumber. And with that I want to say, be spontaneous! You never know where you'll find inspiration! Sometimes it comes in the most unexpected and 'road less traveled' kind of way. So Carpe Diem! 


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