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I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey as well as invite conversations on culture and social issues through my art. Join me on my art adventures! Read more here!

SkillShare Class: Fashion Illustration with Katie Rodgers

have you guys heard of skillshare? well it’s an amazing opportunity to improve the skills you have or learn new skills by taking classes online. there’s everything from culinary classes to art classes. right now i’m taking a class from katie rodgers of paperfashion. check out the sketches i’ve done for her class…..

the class is super fun and easy going as you can work at your own pace. i have a meet up coming soon where i’ll be getting peer reviews. exciting! if anyone is interested in taking a fashion illustration class from katie rodgers follow this link here to sign up and get a discount! check up for more updates on the project!

SkillShare Class: More Fashion Illustration

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