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Road Trippin' It

If you follow me on intagram you probably noticed that I’ve been traveling. It’s been one crazy summer for me and the hub. Once the mister finished his spring term it was up to Boise, Idaho for two weeks for family fun. We then drove back home to Provo and after recuperating the mister, little sister and I started our long drive out east. Have you ever drove cross country? Although the drive it little too long for my liking, I actually enjoyed it. America is a vast country with a wide array of landscapes, and for me it’s so exciting to see the variety this country has. 

We had two destinations in mind. First, Chicago to visit a dear friend of mine. Second, my home, Knoxville, Tennessee. It took us a day in a half to get to Chicago. A shout out to my husband for driving most of the way. I promised I would help out, but there’s something about getting behind the wheel of a car that makes me soooo sleepy. 

So here’s our adventures from Chicago. I thought it’d be easy to have my eleven year old sister tour along with us, but I found out that isn’t true. Either I’m an awful adult (in turn will then become an awful parent) or I haven’t been around kids in a long time. We were so into getting to places and sightseeing that we completely forgot to feed the little one because the adults weren’t hungry. I mean, honestly if I can go spend six hours in an art museum with just the granola bar I had for breakfast, shouldn’t a eleven year old do the same?! Well other than that little mishap, we had an awesome time in the windy city.


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