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Happy Birthday

Thank you friends for the birthday wishes! Twenty-four and young! 2014 is going to be a spectacular year! I celebrated my birthday week (I believe in birthday weeks…mainly cause I’m terrible at planning ahead to celebrate my birthday in one day) with good company, a delicious hazelnut torte and with umba’s push-up confetti. Sorry friends, I can’t share the recipe for the torte. It’s a secret best friend recipe. But here’s a photo to tantalize you! 

Having a birthday in January is nice ‘cause I find it’s the perfect time for new beginnings (New Year’s resolution plus birthday resolution equals ten times more commitment). Here are some goals I’ve made for myself for this new year of my life:

1. Continue to build art business (this means more blogging).

2. Make friends with creative people

3. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

4. Bake more! Yum!

5. Yoga

I don’t know exactly how yoga is going to work out when I’ll be baking a lot of goodies, but I’m very passionate about both….so I’m going to make it work!

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