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Hand Made Playing Cards

Since this Valentine’s craft was a gift, I dared not put it online until after the holiday. Hand crafted Valentine gifts are a thing of mine. I’ve been planning this gift for some time now and I’m very happy with how they turned out. My husband and I love playing games and despite how competitive we are, they bring us closer together. So I thought a hand-made and hand-illustrated deck of cards were the right gift for my mister.


I personalized the cards by adding little caricatures of us: him being my king and I his queen. Since we don’t have any kids or pets, I was kind of stuck on what to draw for dear ole Jack. So I just drew some ambiguous character. Maybe one day when we have an addition to the family I’ll change the Jacks. 


Well, the mister was very thrilled with his gift and he said he’s so excited to play solitaire with them (well I was thinking a game of hearts…you know something we could play together). Well my artsy friends, I hope your Valentine’s was lovely and crafty! Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


140 lb. cold press archers watercolor paper

japenese paper from

chip board




micron pens

Pi Day

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