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Pi Day

Happy (belated) Pi Day! How did you celebrate this big ole’ 3.14? I joked with my husband that if we were to truly celebrate Pi Day we would do mathematical equations (tin, cos, ehh…). Well, this special holiday were dessert and math come together was not on my mind. So sadly, I was not prepared to make pie, which is so sad for two reasons:

1. I love making pie! When I took a baking class back in college, pie making the the one thing I was excelled in. It’s all about the pie crust and the butter! 

2. I did not get to celebrate Pi day with a nice helping of yummy pie. I thought I’d just go out for pie, but no! Everyone else is thinking the exact same thing and by the time I hit all the bakeries in town (okay maybe eight in the evening was not a good time to look for pie) all the pies were sold out! 

I did however make this lovely illustration of mixed berry pie and I did help myself to sweets since the rest of the country okay-ed it. So I gorged myself on a chocolate mouse bombe. So Pi Day worked out in the end. But if your tummy is still lacking comfort of some pie, give yourself the weekend to celebrate. 

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