Victoria-Riza Fashion Artist Printmaker and Illustrator | Photo by Penny Fuimaono


I'm Victoria-Riza. I'm an artist and this blog is where I document my creative journey, motherhood, and the discussions I have with my cultural psychologist husband. Read more here!

Illustration Process and Swollen Hands

It's been difficult to illustrate these days. Once I hit the third trimester mark, my hands and feet decided to just blow up! So I've had a lack of motivation to create new work only because of the pain. However, I decided to suck it up and push through it, and sure enough I was able to manage the pain and get illustrating again.


Because of the swelling in my hands, I can't grip objects like I use to, let alone ball my hands up into a fist. So I was worried my line work was going to have a drastic change for the worst. Anyway, no change in my line quality, but I found myself sketching faster in hopes that I could create more work before my hand decided to hate me. That worked out in my benefit! So my illustrations still look great and I'm producing work faster! Thank you pregnancy for this challenging experience! 



Merry Christmas

Color Crush: Red Jil Sander