Cigarette Earrings | Letterpress Print

Cigarette Earrings | Letterpress Print


Cigarette Earrings, Moschino Fall 2016

This 9 x 12 letterpress print is printed on BFK Rives paper. BFK Rives is mouldmade in France and made of 100% cotton and is acid free. This sheet is watermarked and has two natural deckles and two tear deckled edges.

The paper used for chine colle is Japanese paper and was hand colored with etching ink. The paper was hand cut and pasted on the print with PVA glue, an archival adhesive.

Limited Edition of 7.

This is an original piece and all sales are final.

Copyrighted 2016. The illustration and photos of the illustration cannot be used with consent of the artist, Victoria-Riza. 



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