This reductive woodcut print is printed on a 20 x 18.5 inch (with deckled edge) Japanese rice paper, Hosho. It has red chine colle (ingres hahnemuhle paper) for the cheek, and is hand color with Prisma pencil on the lips. 

Note, each print was hand printed and each red circle, hand cut and hand glued with archival glue. As part of the process it is impossible to make each print look perfectly alike. The Hosho paper has a deckled edge which can have gaps or slight tears in the paper. It is the natural nature of the paper. Therefore, slight variations can be found amongst the prints. 

This is an original piece and all sales are final.

If interested in purchasing a framed print, please email at Only one framed print available.

Copyrighted 2016. The illustration and photos of the illustration cannot be used with consent of the artist, Victoria-Riza. 

Photo by Sarah Rose Robertson. Photo cannot be used without consent of the photographer and artist. 

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