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Weekend in Nashville

Weekend in Nashville

We recently went to Nashville for Jordan’s The Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology conference (yeah that’s a mouth full!). We join Jordan on these trips to support him and his research of course, but we also take advantage of the opportunity to travel to and explore a fun new city. This was Anthem’s first time on a STPP trip and he was very well behaved during Jordan’s presentation (you guys, I’ve been to several of my husband’s presentations and he kiiillled it! I hope to share more with you later). In fact, when the presenter before Jordan was speaking, Anthem quietly asked Jordan if he could play with his phone and when Jordan said no, Anthem apparently started bawling the quietest break down of tears in the history of toddlers! I was sitting next to him and didn’t even notice! I only knew of this silent breakdown until we got home. Well, Jordan was so impressed by how committed Anthem was to keeping quiet like mommy and daddy had asked, that he let the sweet boy play with his phone. He continued to quietly entertain himself during the rest of the session.

Once our participation at the STPP was no longer needed, we hit the town and had tons of fun exploring Nashville’s gastronomic scene (honestly, after a week the food is all we can talk about!) and visiting museums. When preparing for a trip there are two things I always research: where to eat the best foods and what cool art museums are in that town. This is how we spent our weekend in Nashville.


Our first dinner was at Rose Pepper Cantina. It was recommended to us by a friend and we’re so glad we ate here. We hadn’t had Mexican food like this since we left Utah and moved to Springfield. Utah has amazing Mexican restaurants and we’ve missed street style Mexican tacos so much! I could survive on carne asada with onions and cilantro on corn tortilla!


This location is right on a street adjacent to Twelfth Avenue South. Twelfth Avenue South has so many fun eats (many of which I’ll mention in this post) and cute shops, you could easily spend hours here. We love love love Five Daughter’s doughnuts! Anthem and I still talk about how delicious they are and in fact, whenever he talks about our Nashville trip, the first thing he mentions is how much he loves the doughnuts from Five Daughters Bakery. You’re probably wondering if you could trust a kid’s palette, but I can definitely vouch for how amazing these doughnuts are. I’m a sucker for croissants so the texture of these doughnuts are amazing! Then there’s the flavor! They look rich, but they’re perfect! Anthem and I enjoyed the classics: salted chocolate and vanilla cream. We also tried the Cinnamon Crunch and Samoa and what I loved about these filled doughnuts is that they were filled with icing, not custard. It’s. The. Best!

BISCUIT LOVE 2001 Belcourt Avenue

Okay, I’m going to have to be honest, we weren’t huge fans of Biscuit Love. I know, I know! Bon Appetite says they’re amazing and every blog post about their Easy Nasty and Bonuts are highly raved about, but we were underwhelmed (which breaks my heart that BA rated them so well cause I trust BA with my life…food life that is). I will say that there is an issue that may have contributed to why our experience wasn’t so great. Parking. My husband dropped me off so I could get us a table and he could park the car. Biscuit Love is first to order, first to a table set up. Fortunate for me, was able to order right away. Unfortunate for my husband, it took him thirty minutes to park. It was the same for our friend who was meeting us there. So by the time they arrived at the table, they were pretty upset and it ruined their appetite. Now, if you’ll indulge me in my food snobbery, let me just say about the food. . . the droughts which are served with cream cheese frosting and a berry jam aren’t as good as Five Daughters Bakery. The biscuits and gravy were okay (I grew up in the south so I take my biscuits and gravy seriously), and the Easy Nasty was dry (it’s best to get the egg on it). I would still recommend that you try it for yourself (cause if there’s one great thing about Biscuit Love, it’s the ambiance of the place) , but perhaps try a different location and you’ll have better luck with parking and a much better foodie experience than we did.

Victoria-Riza Travels | Biscuit Love in Nashville, Tennessee

THE FLIPSIDE 2403 12th Ave South

The Flipside is a fun retro style eatery that’s known for Jack’s Best Chicken, which is chicken breast pounded thin and topped to your liking! With the way we had been eating, we felt like it was a nice not-so-heavy-in-your-tummy kind of dinner.

JACK’S BARBEQUE 1601 Charlotte Ave

I found this place by Googling “barbeque near me” and when I saw images of the food served on paper plates I knew it was legit. I don’t know if that correlation actually means anything, but the food was indeed amazing! And there was a lot of it! I should’ve gotten a kids plate of ribs (half rack) instead of a regular because it was a lot. It would’ve been more pleasant to eat a half of ribs without a 29 week baby already taking up so much of my abdomen space. But the food. YUM.

THE FRANKLIN JUICE CO. 2301 12th Ave S #102

When your body is in desperate need of something healthy because you ate too many doughnuts and ice cream in a day, Franklin Juice Company is the place to help you make up for all that indulgence. We ate here for breakfast two mornings in a row (yeah we really needed some healthy food). We loved their smoothies, cold pressed juices (i’m a sucker for carrot, orange and ginger juice, but their Aloha was also a winner), and the acaí bowls are yum (unfortunately it was a bit “freezy” for Anthem). This place is right on twelfth street so go enjoy some Five Daughters Bakery doughnuts and then grab a smoothie to feel not so guilty about all the doughnuts you just ate!


Who goes to Music City to see French paintings instead of listening to country music?! We do! It had been a while since we took Anthem to an art museum. We planned to go during his nap time, thinking that he would just snooze in the stroller, but at four years of age, he tends to fight sleep pretty well. Luckily, all went well thanks to The Frist having an art scavenger hunt (and a big thank you to Jordan who took charge so I could enjoy some one on one with my favorite artist). The Frist is have a Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernist exhibit from May 24 to September 2. I’ll definitely be back!

THE PARTHENON 2500 West End Ave

If it weren’t for Jordan, I probably wouldn’t have hit this place up. This was definitely his thing, but I’m glad we went because we were both surprised by the replica of the Athena statue! There was also a small art museum inside (we just can’t stay away from them!). Anthem’s told us his favorite piece was the “skeleton with the computer keys.”

LE SEL 1922 Adelicia St

I love French food and pink velvet so coming to Le Sel was a no brainer. I’m a sucker for great interior design and Le Sel is a beautiful restaurant. Even the restroom was impressive! Who doesn’t love some good tile work! Okay, I may have given more notice to interior of the restaurant than the food. Haha! But seriously, it’s a nice place to spend Sunday brunch. Good food in a beautifully design place with great service! Oh and there’s free valet parking. We kinda missed that and it would’ve been nice to not miss it because it was raining. So take advantage of it especially when parking is a pain in most places in Nashville.


Saving the best for last! I kind of regret not having great photos of us at Jeni’s. This is proof of how amazing the ice cream is because I just couldn’t bother with bringing my giant camera along for our outing. . . ahem. . .outings! Nashville has six Jeni’s location. We went to two, one of which is on twelfth (i’m telling you, just spend a few hours eating your way down twelfth street!). I’m not going to rave too much about Jeni’s because I can’t do it justice. All I can say, is that I listened to her interview with Andy Miller on the Creative Pep Talk podcast and this woman (who happened to fail art school, but than took that creative passion and put it into ice cream) has spent so much time researching how to achieve the best texture and attain the best flavors for her ice cream. She’s a genius! But if you must know, my favorite flavors are the Milkiest Chocolate, the Honey Vanilla, and the Gooey Butter Cake. I typically go for fruity desserts, but I was sold on that Milkiest Chocolate. That’s how good she is with flavor: she made the basics even better!

Cutest moment in Jeni’s Ice Cream: Anthem was watching the staff scooping ice cream and making the waffle cones. He turns to me with furrowed brows and a pout, saying firmly, “Mommy! I want to be a cook!” I’ve been “incepting” him with the idea of being a chief so I was so freaking happy when he said this! Also they gave him sprinkles on this ice cream cone which just made this boy’s heart (and tummy) soar!

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