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Cape Town

Cape Town


Our first meal in Cape Town was at THE AFRICAN CAFE. The African Cafe is a touristy restaurant with amazing food! Come with an empty stomach or with a group because dinner consist of 15 different African dishes, each from a different African country! Our waiter explained where each dish originated from. While we ate, we enjoyed the singing and dancing of the staff as well as getting our face painted! Our baby boy enjoyed it...I think.

Another favorite restaurant is MELISSA’S SHOP. Of course, I fell in love with this place because, well, I love cafes! It's a combination of a mini mart and cafe and it should be an essential stop on the way to your outing. You can grab a picnic for your day out at the botanical gardens and pick up way cute souvenirs of homeware and sweet treats. Plus the food and the staff are wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed this croissant filled with banana, prosciutto, and brie, garnished with rosemary. My meal was accompanied with a nice warm foamy mug of chai tea latte (I'm a big tea person). Baby boy kept trying to drink up my latte, and when the staff saw this they made him a baby-chinno, steamed milk with cocoa in the tinniest mug. Seriously, Melissa's is the best. I regret not eating there more and we had two meals out of our three days there.


After breakfast, we headed for the KIRSTENBOCHE BOTANICAL GARDEN. The 1,300 acre garden sits at the foot of Table Mountain and houses an array of South Africa's indigenous flora. Since we were there during the winter, it was a shame that we missed out on the full beauty of the garden, but it was still worth being there. When it's a warm and green winter day, how can you not want to be outside?! There are fun activities for children like the Enchanted Forrest where you could climb onto the twisty low hanging branches of trees, brave the Sling Bridge that sways when you walk across it, or hunt for dinosaur tracks!

For you flower lovers, the showstopper is of the garden is the King Protea, South Africa's national flower. The best time to see these flowers in bloom is during the Spring, mid August to October. We hiked up to the Protea Garden (do get a map and read it carefully, it so easy to get lost in here) where we saw the still sleeping little (well they're actually quite big) Protea buds. 

Victoria-Riza Travels | The Kirstenboche Botanical Gardens | Cape Town, South Africa

TABLE MOUNTAIN was the last stop of the day. The drive up to the cable cart is a very steep and windy drive with very limited paring spots. Most people either parked in a lot a the very bottom of the mountain and took a bus up. Or you can be one of the brave, but crazy people that squeezed their car in parallel parking on the edge of the road/mountain and then hike to the cable cart. It was quit a wait for us, as this is a very popular tourist attraction (Table Mountain is one of the new seven natural wonders of the world). We probably waited in line (this includes the ticket and cable cart line) for about an hour!

The wait was worth it of course! I wasn't as fan of the cart ride (heights are not my friend), but being on top of that mountain was breath taking. Table Mountain, which is part of the Table Mountain National Park (it stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point...a whopping 220 sq km park!) there are paths that run along the edge, and depending on what you plan on doing there, you could walk for an hour or spend that hour taking a hundred photos. We decided to take a shorter path and still take a hundred photos. We arrived just as the sun was beginning to set and it was super windy. We weren't prepared for the weather! We're those weird north hemisphere tourist who get the seasons all mixed up and never bother to get with it. Smh. Poor Anthem was miserable! There were a handful of women who asked me where his hat was! It was still a beautiful experience, but if you decide to go up this 1086 meter high mountain, do dress for the altitude change! 

Other things to do in Cape Town are hang out in the colorful BO’KAAP neighborhood (you can read more of our experience here), take a tour of ROBBEN ISLAND, take a walk on CLIFTON BEACH or hike the LION’S HEAD.. Cape Town has everything one could want in a vacation: city life, the beach, culture, history, an array of delicious foods, a national park! Truly Cape Town is the most diverse city and I recommend this destination to everyone! 

Cape Point

Cape Point