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Hello, Victoria here!  I was born in the Philippines, but I now call the hills of Tennessee home, where I was raised as the oldest of four girls. My childhood was filled with plenty of Filipino food, Filipino folk music, The Beach Boys, and drawing. I inherited my artistic talents from my father. He sadly did not have the chance to pursue art, but he has always encouraged me, telling me that I am "a realization of a failed dream."

I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2012 with a BFA in Illustration. Although illustration was my focus, I was also busy mastering intaglio printmaking. I made it my purpose to fuse fashion illustration and printmaking. I love delving into anything art and everything that has design as a last name. Watercolor is my primary medium and I have a great love for paper and ink. I'm somewhat of a paper connoisseur and hoarder. Mostly hoarder.

In 2009, I married Jordan. We spent three years in the Gem State, followed by three years in Provo, Utah. We have recently relocated to Ogden where I spend my days juggling life as an artist, a mom to the best baby boy, and a wife to a soon to be Doctor of Cultural Psychology.

 For more dirty deets (more like quirky facts), you can do some more reading here. Thank you for being here, and I hope you follow me on my art adventures. Do drop a line at for any questions or follow me on Instagram @victoria_riza if you need to do some more stalking. Peace out! 


Styling and photographs are done by Victoria-Riza, unless stated otherwise. Illustrations and photographs are copyrighted. Do not use without permission. Copyright 2016. 

Photographs by Sarah Rose RobertsonBranding by West End Girl